uPVC Double Doors To Complement Your Home

French Doors help link your home with the outside allowing you to enjoy your garden or view whilst retaining a more traditional look for your property.

They nearly always give more access than normal Doors, perfect for barbecues and entertaining, or when the children are running in and out of the house on summer days.

Stage One – Garage Side Brickwork Removal
Stage One – Garage Side Brickwork Removal

Available in virtually maintenance-free uPVC, our Doors are Toughened Low E Double Glazed, fully reinforced with multipoint locking systems and custom made for a perfect fit.

Double Glazed French DoorsMany home owners who have a window looking out onto there garden from there lounge or dining room often have that window and the brickwork below removed and a pair of double glazed French Doors fitted. This immediately gives a new dimension to that room. Should you require Doors larger than the window this is normally involves supporting the brickwork above the opening and removing the old lintel forming the new opening and building into position a new lintel an easy job for our builder to do.

Stage Two – Brickwork Removed Ready For Catnic Lintels
Stage Two – Brickwork Removed Ready For Catnic Lintels

Normally people have French Doors fitted as they give total access as both doors open up fully, unlike patio doors that only open half the width of the opening.

With effect from 1st April, 2002, all replacement windows including Double Glazed French Doors became subject to Document L of the Building Regulations.

To meet with this regulation all double glazing and double glazed exterior French Doors must have a high level of insulation which means that the glass in the double glazed sealed unit will have a special transparent reflective coating (Low E Glass or Pilkington K).

The glass used to make the double glazed sealed unit is safety glass which is much tougher than ordinary float glass. If the glass does break, it shatters into small pieces and so there are no larger jagged edges around.

Completed French Doors Installation

French Doors (double doors) provide a luxurious and dramatic improvement to any home. Allowing sunlight to stream into your house they give you the feeling of space and light that can really transform your home.

Home owners who have old timber or metal French Doors may look to replace them with new modern double glazed external Double Doors.

Security: Double Glazed French Doors offer high security locks on the master door and shoot bolts on the secondary (slave) door, the master door is the main door that you open first.

Our Made to Measure French Doors are available with a wide range of options and colours e.g. trickle vents, Georgian bar grill, leading, low threshold etc. See more at https://www.cheapupvcbifolddoors.co.uk/

Double Glazed French Doors