Do You Need A New Boiler? What’s The Cost Of A New Boiler?

Your boiler is one of those things that tends to be taken for granted.

Once you have one installed, it is appreciated for only a short while before being forgotten about, and then expected to put in years of service for us.

What is The Cost of A New Boiler?We never give our boilers a second thought, until they break down of course! Then we appreciate just how important they are to us, especially around winter time. This is why it is important to maintain your boiler, and when it is time for a replacement, we should make sure we choose the right one to suit our needs.

But how do you know when it is time to change your boiler, and what should you be looking for when choosing a new one?

First of all, you need to check whether your boiler actually needs replacing, or would having it repaired be more cost-effective. It may seem cheaper to replace worn boiler parts, but if this will only provide a short-term solution, it may work out cheaper to go for a full replacement in the long-run.

Combi Boiler – 2018 Price Guide may consider the price of a modern boiler to be quite eye-opening. However, you need to remember that your boiler is the heart of your home, and it serves a very important purpose. Boilers are very technical pieces of equipment, and a lot of hard work and research has gone into the design and build to give you a super-efficient and safe piece of machinery.

As a result, your new boiler will not be cheap, and the price will vary according to your needs, and the brand you choose. A new boiler for a small, modern 2-bedroom house is is not going to be as large or powerful as one for a much larger house, and so will be cheaper. This is why you can see boilers priced from as little as £500 right up to £2,500 or more – the price will depend on your needs.

Although your main focus will be the price of your new boiler initially, you have to think about the long-term savings you will be making by running a more efficient, cost-effective boiler. Energy companies estimate that around half of your energy bills are generated by your boiler, so if you have a more efficient boiler installed, it can help to reduce your fuel bills over the long-term.

You may want to try and work out how long it will take to make back the cost of your new boiler through the savings it makes when compared to your old energy-inefficient boiler, and when you consider how many years of service you will get from your new boiler, you can see it makes sense to go with a new boiler rather than continuously repair your old one.

Another point to consider is whether you plan to sell your house. Having a new energy-efficient boiler already installed is going to add value and desirability to your home. If you were choosing between two similar houses, and one had a modern energy-efficient boiler, but the other didn’t, and would probably need replacing soon, which one would you be more inclined to choose?

Time for a change?

If your boiler is noisy when it switches on, or makes any unusual sounds on a continuous basis, then it could be running worn out parts that are becoming harder to replace, and therefore more expensive to maintain. If your suspect your boiler is getting to a point where it is costing too much in ongoing repairs, then why not get a quote for a new one.

Does your boiler have a continuous pilot light? This is an indication of an old fashioned boilers that are not very cost-effective. The continuous burning of the gas pilot light is also a waste of money. A boiler that sits on the floor is another example of old-style boilers that are now obsolete. Check to see what energy rating your boiler has. If your boiler is G-rated, then it would be worth replacing it.

Remember, never attempt to change your old boiler yourself. Hire a professional gas engineer with a gas certificate. We recommend this company.

What is The Cost of A New Boiler?